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It's an
UBERFul Life

Next time you call for an UBER, before you get into the car, take a second to look at the seat and then ask yourself, Who sat in this seat before me? There are some very unique people in the world! 

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A Word From The Author

When you can’t find a job, there are times when a job finds you. “It’s an UBERful Life!” is a compilation of Robert Field’s ride share stories from the road!  Nicknamed ShoelessJew, Robert travelled all throughout the New York tri-state area searching for the REAL TRUTH about people. Are they as good or as bad as we see on our nightly news program? You may be surprised, They aren’t! There are many UBERful people in the world! Robert found that “It’s not a Wonderful lLife, It’s an UBERful Life.”

Robert Field
Entrepreneur, Comedian and 5 Star Uber Driver.
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Real reviews by real people.

Great stand up uber driver.

30-something Dude

UBER Review

Thank you for being normal.

40-something Lady

Uber Review

It’s an UBERFul Life!

Various Passengers

Uber Review

Thank you for your service and thank you for laughing with me at the kid I brought home. 😉

60-something Cougar

Uber Review

It's an UBERful Life!

As a full-time driver who has completed over seven thousand rides, I love the mystery of not knowing who will enter my car next —.Fun, entertaining, young, old, or maybe my next pax could be you! 

I’m not kidding. You could be, or maybe you have been in my car. I once picked up Jeopardy! champion, Buzzy Cohen, who needed a pax to Audible to promote his book “Get Ready,” or the woman I once had a one- night stand with. I offered her a ride home, but she said, “No, thanks, I’ll take an UBER”

So why not you?